So what’s this all about?

Have you ever wished that on the day you became a parent, someone you trust handed you one beautiful book, slapped you on the back, and said:
Welcome to parenthood. Here’s everything you need to know to raise wonderful, kind, smart, emotionally intelligent kids… 

I too am still awaiting that particular visit.

In the meantime, I started this blog to help myself and other parents come to grips with this daunting question…

What does it take to be a great parent?


mom with kids sitting on a bench

All of us come to parenting feeling at least a tad unprepared (or else naively confident) to tackle this monumental task.

There were no job interviews. No mentoring program. No on-the-job training. And yet the stakes couldn’t be higher. 

You have the responsibility of shaping this squishy little mind, soul and emerging personality into a well-adjusted, law-abiding citizen. Preferably a Pretty Awesome Human. Someone you’d actually want to be friends with–even if you met them in their early 20s.

It’s not that you’re trying to be the ‘perfect’ parent.
You just want to
know what you need to know to do a good job. To be what your kids need you to be.
not totally screw this up. 

But it’s no easy feat. 

Every day, you’re met with 20 new challenges and 1000 questions. (And that’s just from your 4-year-old).

Never mind your day job, or the mountain of household chores, or staying connected with your partner and the rest of your family.

Where do you find the time to ‘parent up’? And where do you even start?

The knowledge is out there. In fact, it’s all over the place. There’s a thousand and one ‘must-read’ parenting books, blogs, podcasts and websites clamoring around the global village, demanding our attention. But…

  • Who do you listen to? 
  • What do you focus on, when?
  • What information do you trust?

If you find yourself adrift or drowning in the ocean of parenting questions and info overload, welcome to the club. We all feel the overwhelm. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. 

At Need to Know Parenting, it’s my personal mission to help you ‘parent up’ one step at a time, staying on the right track with the parenting knowledge you really need, when you need it. 

Whether you’re a newbie parent, or a preschool mom a few years in…a stay-at-home parent  trying to find your new groove, or a working mom trying to balance it all…you’ve come to the right place. 

A little bit about me

Headshot of Andrea Kay

Hi, I’m Andy. Happily married wife since 2013. Bookish introvert. And a mom of two wonderful kids – a beautiful, outspoken, willful 5-year-old daughter, and a roaring, fighting, dragon-loving 2-year-old son. 

For me, getting to the other side of pregnancy and ‘zombie-mom camp’ felt like a huge win, at first. But then it began to dawn on me: I still have so much to learn.  If I want to raise awesome kids who are going to reach their potential and make the world a better place (and not just for unicorns and dinosaurs), it’s time to ‘mom-up.’ 

Thankfully, I love learning, and I love a challenge. Having spent the better part of my pre-mom career working as a content strategist and scriptwriter for a fast-growing production company, I’m no stranger to info-overload. My job for 10 years was literally wading through oceans of content, sifting out the gold, and turning it into nourishing nuggets of reader-friendly content.

So I decided to put the two together.

Need to Know Parenting is my own learning journey to becoming a more knowledgeable, empowered, and hopefully, wiser mom. I know I can’t possibly figure out all there is to know about being a great parent. But I can start by finding the best questions, and the best answers out there. So why not share what I’m learning along the way? 

In creating this blog, my vision is to bring you the parenting gold that will help you fast-track your learning curve, so you can spend less time wondering about what you need to know, and more time enjoying your amazing mini-humans!   

How this blog will help you

You’re a parent. You’ve done the equivalent of three full-time jobs by 7pm. You don’t have time to cut your own toenails, let alone hunt down and read all the best parenting books, or review all the available online training so you can ‘expert up’. We all know how fast kids grow up–there’s no brakes on this parenting ride. 

Life isn’t stopping, and neither can you. 

This blog will help you avoid the time-suck, the overwhelm, and the ‘analysis paralysis’ of trying to figure out how to solve your parenting challenges. Both the ones you’re facing right now, and the ones that are found to crop up in the not-too-distant future.

By bringing you the most relevant, well-researched, and timely insights that really matter on your parenting journey, this blog is here to empower you with the knowledge, strategies and tools you need for the road.  

If you want to…

  • Be better equipped to parent from a place of confidence instead of sabotaging self-doubt
  • Stop worrying about whether you’re ‘up to date’ on the latest parenting advice
  • Spend less time on ‘theory’ and more time implementing good practices that will make a positive difference in your kids’ lives and yours

…then this blog is for you! 

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Our top Need to Know Parenting topics

Little girl with magnifying glass - top parenting topics you'll find on the blog

If you’re just here to take a look around for now, here are some of the themes and topics you’ll find on the blog (you can also use the search bar up on the right to look for something specific):

  • DISCIPLINE. Yup, we’re opening this can of worms! It can be a minefield for parents (and bloggers!), so we’ll do our best to offer a balanced perspective that gives you the reasoning behind different approaches to discipline, so you can make an informed choice about the strategies you want to follow. 
  • BONDING WITH YOUR CHILD. We look at how your bond with your child is the crucial foundation and counterpart to effective discipline, and how it plays into your child’s healthy development, as well as all the other facets of your parenting.
  • EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. What is it, where does it all begin, and what can you do to nurture this crucial trait in your child from early on? We answer all these questions and more.
  • INDEPENDENCE. We explore how to help your child develop critical and independent thinking, and avoid the entitlement trap!
  • TECHNOLOGY. Another minefield for parents.  Where do you start? What do parents need to know, what helpful tools are available, and what boundaries should you put in place at different ages and stages?
  • LIFE SKILLS. Every kid needs ‘em. But they won’t necessarily learn them at school. So what are the important ones to focus on, when is the appropriate time to teach them, and how exactly do we pull off being our kids’ trusted life coaches?
  • PLAY. We’ll look at different types of play, why play is such a critical part of your child’s development, as well as how and when  (or when not) to get involved.  
  • SELF CARE. Being a parent takes plenty of self-sacrifice. But sometimes we need to look in the mirror and figure out where we need to ‘plug the holes’ so we can be the fullest version of ourselves before we can fill our kids tanks.
  • JUST FOR LAUGHS. We love to throw in a few randoms just for ‘shits and giggles’ from time to time…after all, there’s never a dull moment with parenting! And besides, we can all use a laugh now and then when our kids are driving us bananas! 

If there are particular topics you’d love to get your head around which we haven’t covered yet, please reach out and let me know what you want to hear about.   I’d also love to get to know you and hear about your struggles and success stories.

I believe we can all learn from each other on this crazy adventure of parenting!

And if you’ve read this far, I’m sure we’re going to be great friends 🙂 

Talk soon,